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crisped spanish chorizo & two cheese mashed potatoes

Comfort food. This is defined differently depending on personal taste. For me and my daughter Isabella, it’s about savory not sweet food. It’s about creamy and textural foods that reach deep down and warm your entire soul.

It’s about carbs and starches. Food you can scoop into a large bowl, sit cross-legged on a pile of pillows and dig in while watching your favorite movie.

They must be filled with flavor and freshly homemade or it just does not cure the daily workday blues… so after a long day at school or at work, I have learned to prepare some favorite comfort foods for my famiglia that always makes them feel so much better.

This recipe was something I created using ingredients that were already in my pantry and refrigerator. You can adjust the flavors to your taste.cucinadimammina_mashed potatoes_chorizo and formaggio_08

The key to this dish is to start, as always with the best quality ingredients, fresh and local or imported with true authenticity.

I adore spanish chorizo sausage, I learned to enjoy this amazing product at tapas bars where it was served in a variety of preparations.

One of my favorites was a combination of crisped chorizo slices topped with gorgeous grilled prawns; served with a pesto sauce for dipping. Yum.

Crisping this sausage means to sauté in cut slices or dices in a medium to hot skillet until it starts to “crisp”.

That lovely fat will slowly render to a bright and lovely dark orange color from the garlic, smoky seasonings and flavorful saffron in the chorizo.

One of my new favorite cheeses that I use in this dish is an authentic Pecorino Crotonese sheep’s milk cheese from Calabria, Italy. It’s an 18 year or so aged cheese with a lovely sharp bite that grates beautifully into the warm potatoes and blends well with the flavors in the chorizo.

Special Note: Isabella just celebrated her 13th birthday on the 14th of April. I wanted to share her excitement about finally being a teenager with you. I am dedicating this post to her and sending her all the best wishes for this birthday and all the ones to come. Buon Compleanno, bella.



{purè di patate con crespata di chorizo spagnolo e due formaggi}

10 to 12 small to medium white potatoes (thin skin), boiled until fork tender; drain (keep warm)

1 small to medium (mild or spicy to your personal taste) spanish chorizo sausage; cut into small dice

1 cup or so of grated pecorino crotonese sheep’s milk cheese (use the large holes to grate this cheese)

1/2 cup or so grated parmigiano-reggiano cheese

1-2 cups organic chicken or vegetable stock; preferably homemade (use as needed)

splash or two of lactose-free or whole milk

fresh italian flat leaf parsley (chopped finely)

sea salt and fresh ground cracked black pepper to taste

equipment needed: large potato ricer (and a strong handsome guy to rice the boiled potatoes is a nice perk)cucinadimammina_mashed potatoes_chorizo and formaggio_11

In a large skillet on high heat; sauté the diced chorizo turning often until it crisps up and gets crunchy and the fats render out a bit. Remove from heat and set aside.

In a large stockpot filled with water; add the cleaned and scrubbed potatoes (skin on) and boil until cooked through and fork tender. Drain and keep warm.

While the potatoes are hot to warm, ask that handsome guy of yours to “rice” them for you using a ricer like in the photos into a large stockpot.

This takes some serious muscle power and I always try my best, but my love is so much better at it than I am and I love when he is in the kitchen helping me cook.

Note: Leave the skins on as they are thin and the ricer will push the potato right through leaving the skins behind.

I use my potato ricer for making delicious gnocchi pasta. I always rice my potatoes for mashed potato recipes, it’s the only way to get that smooth, cucinadimammina_mashed potatoes_chorizo and formaggio_12creamy texture that blends so wonderfully and so easily with all the mix-in ingredients.cucinadimammina_mashed potatoes_chorizo and formaggio_09

Once the potatoes are all riced and in the pot; add a good amount of the stock and a splash or two of the milk and place on medium heat and stir this with a wooden spoon until well blended and the liquid dissolves a bit.

Add in the crisped chorizo and any rendered fat into the potato mixture and mix in well.

While still on the heat add in the grated crotonese cheese and mix well and taste for flavor, etc.

Season at this point with a bit of salt and a healthy amount of black pepper to taste.

Add in a small amount of the parmigiano-reggiano cheese to taste and drizzle a good dose of olive oil at this point and continue blending.

Remove from the heat and add in the chopped parsley and blend well.

Plate and serve immediately while steaming hot; drizzle with olive oil and add more parmigiano-reggiano cheese per serving if desired.

Note: Photography provided by Daniel L. Venditti

Buon Appetito!

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