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what i was reading… 28.october.2013

{happy monday afternoon}. I have been as busy as a bee with school activities, fundraising efforts with Carina as well as art directing and designing for her new projects, running from one activity to another but really happy with our weekend results and achievements. whew.

This morning was about planning my next recipe blog posts, cooking a few different dishes that has left my home smelling like a chef’s kitchen and it’s 11:30 a.m. Perfect.

I love days like this when everything goes right, all my checkboxes are almost filled and finally… my whole beautiful family will be home again.

Special Note: Dan returns from a very short trip to New York City and upstate New York as his wonderful father, Papa Pio just celebrated his 80th birthday… the girls and I could not make the trip this time around so we want to wish him fabulous birthday wishes and love from me and the girls. Buon Compleanno, Papa Pio! We love you and miss you very much.

1. FOOD. I recently found a local grower that not only sells their vegetables and more but also has a U-pick option that just thrills me to no end. They are located in east Naples, Florida near Ave Maria and so the Collier Family Farms is my favorite food find for the week. They are currently harvesting tomatoes and soon gorgeous heirloom tomatoes as well as many other beautiful produce offerings. If you cannot make it out to their farm, visit them at their local farmers market locations in Naples (see website for locations details)

They are currently offering an organic produce delivery service that is a set program where they harvest that months best products and deliver to designated drop off locations, a wonderful mix of harvested vegetables and more that would certainly inspire any chef or home cook.

I am looking into doing this (maybe splitting the take with a friend.) as I can think of nothing better than a box full of fresh delicious surprise items to inspire a meal idea or weekend cooking adventure.

Find a local grower in your area and make it a point to visit farmer’s markets as often as possible for the very best quality produce at a very fair price.

P.S. I am enjoying a unique organic soda pop today made with elderflower. I fell in love with the packaging and of course, had to buy one and try it out. The product is called Belvior Fruit Farms Elderflower Presse (from the U.K.) and it tastes so good. I did a bit of research and found out that this flower grows in Europe and is used as a flavoring for many items including a cordial… now that I need to find soon.       

2. MUSICA. I am saddened today by the loss of New York born Lou Reed, a wonderful musician from the 60’s who I have been listening to for years, mostly brought on by my brother’s love for his music at the time. His career was launched when he became part of a group called the Velvet Underground, a punk band who worked with Warhol during the late 60’s creating a whole new sound and show for their audience. With songs like “Waiting for the Man”, “Satellite of Love”  and his famous racy song, “Walk on the Wild Side” (his only Top 40 hit by the way) are just a few of my favorites…

Take a moment to listen and download some of his music and you will soon see why this musician deserves a prestigious place in American music history.

3. ART. In keeping with today’s news, who is Andy Warhol anyway? We all know his name but do we really know about this man and his career in art music and celebrity?

Check out the Warhol for a complete history on this unique talent and view all his works including his famous pop art movement. Warhol was also a major celebrity in the 60’s and in 1964 he opened his first art gallery called The Factory that become one the hottest cultural spots of the times.

I enjoy his celebrity portraits which are icons of the time now, capturing famous beauties like Marilyn Monroe Elizabeth Taylor as well as rock legends like Mick Jagger and Elvis.

4. FASHION. My fashion feature today is designer Thakoon, who I first heard about when Mrs. Michelle Obama wore one of his designs that I loved… his designs are simple but with an edge or unique twist that borders on a bit weird and that’s what I love. 

His use of beautiful fabrics with additions like beaded collars, pearls and rhinestones gives his pieces a very vintage vibe but staying totally modern in the cut, style and overall presentation.

His use of fabric and color range from neutrals bright bold reds and more are easy to take from the runway to everyday street wear. Check out his latest collection for Spring 2014 and see why this designer has quickly become the fashion looks to follow.

Note: The ducks in the photo are our new-found friends who visit us every morning and late afternoon hoping for some stale breadcrumbs… they are actually domestic ducks that were released to our backyard lake and these are their first brood of children. The original black and white male and female go by Romeo & Juliet.

Ciao per adesso!

Note: Photography provided by Carina Favale of Carina Favale Photography


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