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what i was reading… 14.october.2013

vintage soda pop bottles

{hello monday.}

It is a stunningly pretty day here and I am enjoying the sunshine and the sound of our community landscapers hard at work after a long weekend. I really love the morning hours when la casa is still and the only sounds I hear are the key strokes from my keyboard and our cat, Lovey, softly shifting her sleeping place for the hundredth time with a subtle, quiet purr.

1. FOOD. I love single-serving food items. This is an easy way to travel with food whether planning a trip to the beach, your local park or a road trip or train ride for a tasty al fresco experience. I love to make a variety of sandwiches (both meat and vegetable combos) as well as items like savory vegetable frittatas, mini focaccia breads and noodle or grain salads.

Prepare your food items a few days ahead, if possible. Make the finished sandwiches at the last-minute, wrap well and place in a well-sealed cooling container for traveling with ease. I always include a mix of cheeses, fruits and healthy snack items and a sweet treat to nosh on along the way.

frecciarossa train in italia (photo courtesy of

My favorite travel experience is the Frecciarossa speed train in Italia, I love the romance and the ability to buy a wonderful coffee or beverage (try a vintage or local soda pop) and a delicious sandwich or regional food item for the ride to my next travel and food adventure.

Book a train while traveling in Italia or anywhere you travel overseas. It is a great way to experience the region and stop at towns and villages along the way.

2. MUSICA.  A flashback music moment occurred a few days ago… I heard a song from virtuoso guitarist, Eric Johnson that instantly brought me back to 1990 when I first heard this young guy play a small theater in West Palm Beach, Florida.

I never heard of this musician, but decided to go see him as I loved guitarists. I was completely overwhelmed by this skinny young guy on a small stage who was obviously deathly shy but played like no one I had ever heard before. His music ranged from traditional classical songs, jazz and incredible rock n’ roll tunes and today he continues to create wonderful music of all kinds,

Do yourself a favor and visit his website to experience this musician that has reentered my music world and still continues to impress me. The “Cliffs Of Dover” tune still gives me chills when I hear it.

3. ART. Carina, our oldest daughter, is a true fanatic for DIY projects and she has created some cool stuff over the years. She has also pestered Dan and I about crafting a camera home decor piece from an Arizona Iced Tea can… she is still waiting for this one to happen as it requires using a metal cutter.

Crafting and DIY is a whole different group of art and design that uses existing everyday items to build or craft something completely different. It requires some patience, creativity and plenty of time to execute a DIY project. You may find this is a great way to add some creativity to your life and create some cool and unique gifts and home decor pieces.

chalkboard serving trays (photo courtesy of

I found some great links to visit and test out your own personal DIY skills… be sure to check with Carina and I so we can check how you are doing on your projects!

A. Buzz Feed: “31 Insanely Easy And Clever DIY Projects

B. A Beautiful Mess: A DIY blog we love

C. Pinterest: DIY & Crafts (wonderful ideas for personal inspiration)

4. FASHION. I love jewelry, but not always the super luxurious expensive stuff as this is hard to come by and afford. I really enjoy designs that are unique affordable and make me feel like myself when I wear it.

The jewelry collection designed by the two friends  and founders of Stella and Bow is a perfect example of just this idea. These two young women (who are somewhat famous through their parents) showcase pieces that I really think you might enjoy as much as I do.

dr. jekell bracelet in sapphire (photo courtesy of

The simple clean designs are easy to wear (and super affordable!) I love the uncluttered feel of the bracelets and necklaces and I am thinking of these as a few gift ideas for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

Ciao per adesso!


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