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what i was reading… 23.september.2013

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{Happy Monday}. We officially celebrated the first day of Fall on September 22nd at 4:44 p.m. and in Southwest Florida we have enjoyed what is probably the most beautiful full harvest moon.

The moon was in plain sight as I dropped off Carina at 5:58 a.m. late last week. Bright and clear; so much so, it actually lit up the entire sky and street below. A lovely sign that nature is one of the best creators of real beauty in all shapes and colors.

I am still waiting for the cooler fall breezes to hit our area, we were teased a bit on Sunday with less humidity and a refreshing feel in the air… ah well… welcome to life in a tropical climate.

No, I am not complaining. Take a peek at what I was reading recently…

1. FOOD. My food read to share today is from the September 2013 issue of Bon Appetit, which includes a feature called “The Hot 10 – America’s Best New Restaurants” by famous food editor, Andrew Knowlton. I love this man, who I have followed as a food writer and watched for years as a judge on the Food Network series, Iron Chef America.

I have not been able to put this recent issue down, instead I am soaking in Andrew’s every word (he is simply the best food writer) and recipe from Andrew’s list. So what makes each chef and restaurant standout?

Here’s what I noticed: casual settings, young chefs with a fresh vision and creative approach to food, a return to simple and full of flavor dishes with a continued focus on local sourcing, organic products and vintage style food crafting.

Check it out yourself, I picked up a real printed copy as I love to flip through the pages over and over as I read, cook and read some more. The best is when I pick it up again in the future and there are food markings and bits of flour stuck in the pages from an earlier attempt at creating one of the recipes. Love that.

2. MUSICA. Sting (aka Gordon Sumner) is releasing a new album tomorrow, entitled “The Last Ship“. I am a lifetime fan of this talented musician and songwriter who I experienced the first time at a concert in Fort Lauderdale when he was with his first band, The Police. Dan and I even chose one of our favorite songs from our past called “Fields of Gold” as our wedding song (four years ago this October.)

This song was also recorded by Eva Cassidy, I love this rendition, as this beautiful singer passed away early in her career, I find it romantic and heartbreaking that this world lost her too soon. Her haunting voice does this song justice and I include her unique version in my top favorites song list.

3. ART. The art world is ever changing but the history found in some of the oldest museums are the most interesting places to visit for me and my family. Take the Musei Capitolini (museum) in Rome, Italy which was said to have been built back in 1471.

With its rich history and collection from many past centuries, a view of their collections is simply breathtaking and a must do. They also showcase current collections and shows for the locals and tourists visit the beautiful city of Roma.

Visit their website when you are looking for some creative inspiration or feel like viewing some art in the middle of your workday (a great coffee break or lunch break past time.) Be sure to add this museum to your travel bucket list on your first or next trip to Italia.

4. FASHION. The fall season brings with it the need for boots and pump or close-toed shoes. One of my favorite shoe brands is Cole Haan, where Dan gifted me a pair of the most stunning black boots (riding boot style) for our trip to Paris last November. I fell in love with the soft and beautiful leather and the fit and heel were so comfortable, perfect for walking the streets and back alleys in the City of Light.

Cole Haan Fall/Winter 2013 – Adler Tall Boot

Check out this brand (a bit of an investment) but if you take care of them they will last you a lifetime. Dan (who is a big fan) can prove this with his own impressive collection of Cole Haan shoe and boot finds built within the last 20-30 years.

NOTE: A tip for the guys out there, be sure to invest in great pairs of shoes and boots this fall . It is a well-known fact that when a woman sees a man for the first time, they most likely throw a side glance at their face and figure, but the very next glance is right to the shoes (I still do this myself.)

Dan is my expert advisor, pointing out to me the correct way to dress with shoes and the obviously wrong way for a man to choose his footwear.

A great pair of shoes or boots (not flip flops or sneakers, heaven forbid) can make an everyday work or evening outfit, suddenly look fashion forward.

You will stand out from the crowd and that, my friends, is exactly what you want. Research the options that suit your personal style and don’t forget to ask the experts at Cole Haan for advice; they are great at finding the perfect shoe for everyone!

Ciao per adesso!

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