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what i was reading… 19.august.2013

Ciao, e che bella lunedi. (what a beautiful Monday) I do hope your weekend was relaxing and full of adventures, both food-related and otherwise. So what was I reading this weekend?

Follow my reads and finds today and don’t forget to send me your comments and questions:

1. FOOD. This past summer, store owner Mario, of Mario’s Meat Market & Deli expanded his place and I just got back to see them with my family this weekend. They have the best meat and poultry selections and also they are now offering even more great items.

The deli side is packed with all the brands and cured products we love and they are continue to make the best sub sandwich offerings (both hot & cold) and their homemade prepared take-home dishes for a quick dinner option on a busy weekday evening.

I love the guys running the butcher side of the shop as they offer all the basics but encourage foodies like me by accepting requests for more unique cuts or types of meats. They also offer fresh baby goat and lamb in spring for Easter as well as fresh rabbit; true finds for an Italian cook like myself.

I always check with the butcher to see what they have in that is fresh or better yet, on special that week. They make their own fresh pork sausages that I will only buy from their deli, the flavor is perfect and I use them in many of my recipes.


chinotto plant

We were exploring all the new items from Italy; we found everything from new cookies and cakes to Italian semolina flour and more brands of canned tomatoes and vegetables to play with in the future.

We celebrated his new expansion by roasting a delicious roast pork loin and drinking bottles of our favorite Italian bitter soda, Chinotto, a unique beverage made from bitter oranges from Savona, Italia. The oranges of Savona have been cultivated in the region since the year 1500.

We love this beverage (so much better than other colas); the girls and I crave it as a treat. If you live in or near Fort Myers, please do yourself a favor and visit their location at 12326 South Cleveland Avenue soon.

TIP: Remember to grab a number at the register when you walk in for the meat and deli counter, the lines at lunch time can get pretty busy!

2. MUSICA. Our family loves all kinds of music, but there are many songs that my girls love, that I am not a big fan of since they seem too repetitive or dare I say, too weird? Well, I am happy to say I found a song last week that I love and the girls also loved it instantly. It’s a song called “Royals” by artist, Lorde.



This breakout New Zealand-born 16-year old musical artist has a silky, sultry voice and this new song is a pop rap-like lyric mixed with a chorus of female choir voices in the background. I adore the lyrics themselves, very creative and you will find yourself singing the lyrics too.

Check out the video, add this song to your playlist and check out more of her unique and creative songs today. I am currently downloading the lyrics so I can try to learn them as fast as Isabella and Carina did this weekend.

3. FASHION. I love vintage everything. Clothing, accessories, home products even vintage cars. The best is when you find a really cool vintage item and it costs mere pennies. Today you will find vintage fashion a feature in every season. The best places and links for our vintage finds? Check out these favorites and tell me what you love the best!

The Etsy site is a great place to search and find stores that are offering the very best vintage fashion finds for your upcoming Fall to Winter seasonal closet. I found a gorgeous black wool vintage coat last year with a real mink collar that I purchased for less than $50! 

Ruche also offers vintage-like styles and we find them very cool and very affordable, we try to check this one out often. Try what we prefer like a mix of fashion styles that you love and find some new vintage pieces to wear with your favorite pieces from last season.

4. ART. Photography, especially black & white, is an art form that I adore. This 2008 article from Smashing Magazine features and showcases some of the most amazing photographers works in black & white. Every one of the images are both haunting and simply beautiful.

I love how this format and its lack of color brings the subject forward with the surrounding environment that holds on to the subject perfectly. I studied photography in art school and I still find the feel of black & white superior to other forms. It honors the soul of the subject no matter how we see them and this is what I love. Enjoy your week and here are a few black and white photographs from our collected favorites:

dan and i, circa 2009

dan and i, circa 2009


carina and isa, summer 2013

carina and isa, summer 2013


















If each photograph steals a bit of the soul, isn’t it possible that I give up pieces of mine every time I take a picture?” —Richard Avedon


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