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what i was reading… 12.august.2013

It’s Monday, foodie friends and here is what I was reading from this past week and weekend. I would love to hear your comments and know what you are reading and sharing this week:

1. FOOD. I recently started an account on a very impressive food site called Food52. Started by co-authors, Amanda and Merrill from NYC, this site is designed as a place where chefs, home cooks and food bloggers can share recipes, find recipes and add to their own personal collections. A beautifully crafted website with interesting and lovely food recipes, I am a proud new contributor and love what I have been able to read, find and save to my personal collection.

They offer food articles, features and recipes as well as a contest called A&M Smackdown where contributors can share their own recipe to gain recognition from foodie followers. I love this so I submitted my recipe for the first time to their current contest. Their newest feature is an online store called Provisions offering cool food, food-related and kitchen items that are unique, creative and useful additions to anyone’s home cooking space. A great place to find hostess, wedding and foodie friend gifts; check it out today and add this food site to your favorite links.

2. MUSICA. This week’s music favorite of mine is a from a band called Jet, I had heard some songs here and there, but recently looked them up and found many of their songs I just love. My favorites so far are “Look What You’ve Done” “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” and “Don’t Break Me Down“. Reports are this Australian band broke up in 2012 but I will continue to listen to their music as I really enjoy their sounds. 

3. FASHION. Okay, shopping for a tween is tough these days. Most stores are offering items that are too mature or downright awful for my 12-year old, Isabella. In addition, Isabella is a diehard fashionista who refuses to wear clothes that do not show her artistic and personal creative style. Understood.

We shop the typical stores for school like Aeropostale, Delias, Hollister and such; but for creative finds, check out this site called SheInside. Reasonably priced and it offers stylish trends like the polka dot and lace trends that are hot today. Another great site that I love and so do my girls is ModCloth for their super cool vintage modern takes on fashion, shoes and accessories.

Our favorite local boutique is in downtown Fort Myers called Enjewel. This fabulous find, owned and run by Lynne Routhier and her daughter Vanessa, is where they have unique designer fashion finds, a wide collection of jewelry, accessories, hand bags and more. This gorgeous store is a showcase in layout design and for the beautiful items they sell. Check it out and remember that once an item is sold out it is no longer available; a fashion philosophy we love so no one else has the same outfit we are planning to wear to future events.

I wish you luck for your school and weekend fashion shopping when it comes to your tween, check back with me and Isabella if you need our fashion advice in the future.

4. ART. I love the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York City and we try to visit when we plan a trip to New York or upstate. The NY Times featured an article on a recent show at the MOMA called “Soundings”, a focus on audio sounds as art. This audio concept with interactive elements is so interesting to me and I do hope I get a chance to visit before it leaves the gallery. I love the idea of seeing something new and interesting so if you get a chance to visit this unique art show, please feel free to send me a note and tell me what you thought of it.

I wish you all a very happy Monday and start of a new week. Don’t forget to look for my new weekly post coming your way this Thursday.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Virginia Woolf

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