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what i was reading… 29.july.2013.

I love to read. I still love and prefer actual printed books and newspapers, for me it’s about the experience; the rustle of the pages, the aroma of a newly pressed newspaper with ink that smears on your fingers (and your clothes.) I will always cherish the feel and aroma of a newly printed favorite book with pages that are still crisp and hard to turn… simply wonderful.

I do, however, humbly accept the online reading concept for its speed and accessibility wherever I am. I can truly while away the hours reading article after article, linking to similar and connected topics all over the world.

I challenge my girls to find interesting articles as often as possible so they can read and discuss them with us at the dinner table. We think it is most important that everyone knows what is happening in their home city and in the world.

I read and find articles that interest me on a multitude of topics, food being one of them. So I decided that this première post called “what i was reading…” will be shared with all of you every Monday. I will create feature links to my favorite current articles and headlines on topics that interest me and my famiglia. I do hope you take a moment to read and enjoy them as much as I do.

1. Food. In honor of my blog on vanilla gelato, I found this recent NPR article entitled “Italian University Spreads The “Gelato Gospel” by Silvia Poggioli, very interesting indeed. I always knew we Italians took our gelato very seriously, but this cements that fact for me and for all the foodies who appreciate authentic Italian gelato of all flavors. More importantly, it’s a great way to make a sizable profit or so it seems.

2. Musica. I have always loved Italian and other world music and I highly recommend researching and finding music from different parts of the world that you might find incredibly enjoyable too. Today, I came across a very talented pianist, Giulia Mazzoni, while reading one of my Italian online magazines,, in their music feature section titled “unplugged”. Her piano playing is simply beautiful and I have noted her music to add to my current iPod playlist. Check out her website and see what you think, I think a bit of classical music every day is a required break for the mind and soul.

3. Fashion. I adore famous people who do something good for the world, I seek them out and support their work by purchasing their products or brands and share them with others… note that I do NOT support or condone people, brands and retailers who perform in the opposite way. Stylezza just featured this article, “Michael Kors Exclusive Parnership with PAM”. PAM is a food programme through the United Nations dedicated to the issue of world hunger, and this new partnership seals the deal for me that Michael Kors is still a favorite find. Now, I need to find myself a new handbag, Michael… any suggestions?

4. art. Check out my recent read from one of my favorite art publications now online, This article features the work and life of Wolfgang Schulze, alias Wols, an inspired German painter, photographer and graphic designer.

I wish you all a lovely end of July into August week and don’t forget to look for my new weekly post coming your way this Thursday.

“I cannot remember the books I’ve read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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